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2023 Conference | OCTOBER 5, 2023

Beyond the Standard Model of Electromagnetism

9:30am - 5:30pm, Exclusively online, LIVE streaming from Prague.

The conferences main language is English.

Agenda (AM)
Beyond the Standard Model of Electromagnetism

Classical Maxwell-Heaviside's theory of electro-magnetism is not complete. It contradicts Newton's physics and there is an indisputable list of deficiencies. The need for more fundamental theory is evident and opens opportunities for new technologies. Maybe a revival of Tesla technologies, Scalar wave technologies, or similar. Can we seek a theoretical justification?

Weber's Planetary Model of the Atom

The current theoretical view is based on the concept of fields. Weber's relational approach provides an equivalent approach based on relative interaction only. No fields are needed. What can we learn from Weber’s view on the model of the atom and what technologies can arise from that view?

Q&A with Jan Rak and Andre Assis
Agenda (PM)
Extended Classical Electromagnetism

There is a need to fix some theories in physics. We need to trace back to classical electromagnetism and generalize it. That way, we can fit in the observed longitudinal waves, so-called scalar fields, and explain the possibility of zero-point energy harvesting.

Q&A with Koen Vlaenderen and Jan Rak
Replicating Tom Bearden's Scalar Wave Technology

A trip back into the history of Phase Conjugate Mirror (PCM) transformers. Showing experiments with magnetism and anti-gravity. The important question is, what will the implications be for our everyday lives?

Q&A with William Alek and Jan Rak
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