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TERMS & conditions

1. Application

The purpose of these Terms & Conditions is to set down the rules governing the participation on the SEM 2023 and SEM 2024 conferences, to be held in Prague („the Conference”), organized by NAMI-tech s.r.o., Purkyňova 648/125, Brno, 612 00, ID No.: 26237474 („the Organiser“).

By registering to the Conference, you accept these Terms & Conditions. Except where decided otherwise, these Terms & Conditions applies to all participants to the Conference and to their accompanying persons.

2. Conference Registration

2.1. Registration Fees

Registration Fees are published on the Conference website.


2.2. Terms of Payment

The registration fees and applicable taxes must be paid by bank transfer. You will receive payment request with bank details upon registration. The FINAL INVOICE will be sent to you by e-mail  withing 14 days after receiving the payment.


2.3. Cancellation/Absence

Cancellation conditions are displayed on the Conference website.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1. Data Protection

For the purposes of the GDPR, the data controller is the Organiser NAMI-tech s.r.o. The Organiser is committed to compliance with the GDPR and takes seriously the responsibility of handling personal information. 


Personal data processed by the Organiser may include (but is not limited to) basic personal details including images and provided contact details.


The main purposes for which the Organiser collects and processes your details are:
to process any orders you make (such as Conference bookings); to provide the service or information you have requested (such as Conference registration). The data are processed also by the destination management company Vanadoo s.r.o., Hausmannova 3003, 143 00 Praha 4.


The Organiser will only process personal data for the purpose(s) for which it was originally acquired and will not process it for any other purpose without the data subject’s permission, unless it is permitted to do so under the GDPR.


You have the right under the GDPR to be given access to personal data held about you by the Organiser. If you wish to access your personal data held by the Organiser, a request should be submitted to contact persons under art. 7


You also have the right to a copy of the information which the Organiser holds about you, to request that inaccurate information about you is to be corrected, to have your personal data erased or to restrict the use of your personal data.


3.2. Data Sharing

By registering to the Conference, you agree that the Organiser may share your personal data, and any other information you submit in the registration process with the destination management company Vanadoo s.r.o. The Organiser will not share your data with third-party organisations for marketing purposes and outside of the EU, unless it is done in compliance with European data protection regulations.


4. Promotional Materials

The Organiser plans to carry out filming, recording and photography at the Conference for unlimited use by any means in particular in its news or promotional material in print, electronic or other media, including the website, webcasting, news reporting, including the use after the Conference. By participating in the Conference, you grant the Organiser the right to use these images/videos/recordings for such purposes. You consent to your image and likeness being used without any payment to you. Your participation in discussions is most welcomed and may be recorded and reprinted. The Organiser will not sell any pictures or authorise any other organisation or third party to use the pictures. The Organiser will not use pictures for any purpose other than promotional purposes. 

If a participant does not want the images/videos/recordings to be used in promotional materials, it is his responsibility to inform the Organiser in writing. The Organiser reserves the right to use this material in future promotion, unless otherwise stated by the participant.


5. Program

5.1. Modification of the program

The Organiser reserves the right to modify the program. No refunds can be granted in case of cancellation of speakers, lack of space in the Conference room or any other incidents during the Conference which are beyond the control of the Organiser.



5.2. Copyright

The speaker (author) agrees by making a presentation at the Conference with granting to the Organiser a non-exclusive license to use his or her contribution (i.e. presentation, contribution in electronic form). The speaker is expected to submit in advance an abstract and - not later than 2 months after the Conference - a final version of the contribution (respecting the citation and formatting guidelines provided by the Organiser). If the contribution is not submitted in the electronic form timely, the Organiser is authorised to use for print the edited recorded contribution as presented at the Conference. The license is unlimited in terms of territory, time, numbers and is granted for use by any means of use (such as in a printed book, e-book, online etc.) with the right to grant sublicense or assign the license and with the right to make common editorial changes and to decide about the graphics. The speaker will be provided with the right to make corrections before the contribution is published; the corrections must be made timely (usually not later than in a week, unless provided otherwise), otherwise the Organiser must not take them into account. The Organiser reserves the right not to use the contribution, in particular if the contribution will not pass the peer-review procedure of the publisher of the Conference proceedings.


It is the author's responsibility to ensure that all references and citations are correct, and that the contribution does not contain any material that infringes copyright, or is defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful or litigious. 


Speakers are asked to provide the Organiser their photograph. By providing the Organiser with the photograph, they agree with its eternal publication (until revoked) on the Organiser’s website, Conference printed materials, or Conference proceedings; name of the photographer should be submitted with the photography, otherwise it will be treated as anonymous work. The speaker grants to the Organiser a non-exclusive license (but not an obligation) to use such photograph in the same extent as the contribution with the right to further sublicense the photograph or to assign the sublicense; if limitations apply, these will be respected by the Organiser if informed in advance. The speaker agrees to hold the Organiser harmless if the use of the photography infringes upon third party’s copyright.


6. Liability

The Organiser is not responsible for any bodily or material damage (including theft) or loss suffered or incurred by participant during the Conference. Each participant is responsible for his or her own insurance in such events.


7. Contact information

Please contact the Organiser if you have any questions about the Conference or about privacy policy:

By e-mail to:


10. Governing Laws and Disputes

These Terms & Conditions are governed exclusively by the Czech laws. Any disputes arising hereunder shall be decided solely by the courts of the Czech Republic.


11. Coming Into Force

These Terms & Conditions came into force on March 15, 2023.

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